Ozarks FN Magazine

Ozarks FN magazine is a regional magazine that is dedicated to the rural way of live and in particular southwest Missouri and some of the nearby bordering states. I recently had the opportunity to listen to Lynzee Glass speak on behalf of the magazine and their recent introduction into the social media world.

Ozarks FN magazine is about monthly subscription and has about 58000 readers most of which are mid aged males with cow calf operations. They are currently trying to reach a younger demographic and get them engaged in important issues in the agricultural community. That is why Lynzee and her team have started utilizing social media mainly Facebook and Twitter. The first couple of years Lynzee admitted that her company did not keep on post enough to draw attention but now they have hired her and that is a major step in the right direction as she is dedicated to keeping an updated page to entice people to revisit the site and not be a one and done viewer. They currently have about 1400 followers on Facebook and there are more everyday she explained. She also started to explain to us how it was a great way to increase readership, build their brand, and expand on their number of views, not to mention it is free publicity. She believes that it has definitely brought her company in to the new age, and increased who they are appealing to because now readers can get a feel for what the magazine has to offer and decide they are interested or not by looking at summaries of articles or drawing interest about general AG topics. Overall she thinks that it will increase there business greatly and even more in future, and after her presentation I believe they are on the right track as well.


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