2013 Deer on Roadways

44-10-2011 photo by  Noppadol Paothong

As the whitetail rut rapidly approaches us extra precaution should be taken on roadways whether they be fast moving interstates or twisting back roads. As the weather gets cooler the leaves are not the only thing changing, deer hormones are also changing and males are looking for females and are not very cautious of much else. Deer can be very deadly if hit on the road at any speed but especially at higher speeds. The combination of a large male buck and a little quick moving car can be a scary combination. The best thing to do is take your time and be extra alert, and most of all if it comes down to choosing in between hitting a deer and other traffic always sacrifice the deer as swerving to miss deer can lead to much worse and deadlier wrecks with other vehicles.  For more information visit Missouri Conservations website:





Public Parks Finally Back Open



After days of being shut down the government is back up and running again. No one knows if this will stick though as this same ordeal could happen all over again in a few months. Many are urging for major change so that the debt limit does not need to be raised any more but so that we can finally start to decrease it. This is sure to be a major factor in upcoming elections and all government issues in the near future. We are now finally able to get back into national parks, which we should have never been prohibited from going to in the first place because they are a public and free right to see, one of the benefits of living in the land of the free. It has caused much upset in many areas that rely on tourism of public parks for their livelihood, such as though around Yellowstone National Park and in the Smoky Mountains. This is a very busy time of year for many of these attractions with fall approaching and many tourist looking for a place to take in the scenery of fall the fall colors. Hopefully these people will still draw in some of the tourist and survive this fall, however the idea of government shut down still looms in the near future.

Becks Hybrids Why I Farm Video

I recently came across these videos on AG Web called Why I Farm and they had a similar affect on me as last years Dodge commercial narrated by the late Paul Harvey did. Granted I grew up and hunted very near to where Paul Harvey lived in his final years so that intrigued me more than the average person during that commercial but I thought that the content was also very good and it has gotten a lot of attention and advertisement for Dodge.  These videos although on a small scale of viewers compared that is doing much the same  thing for Becks Hybrids who produced them and shows the real feelings that many farmers have. The video provided me with a little stronger connection because he describes how in the first part of his adult life he did not work on the family farm because of the amount of people that it could support was limited much like my fathers contracting business is in my life right now. However he has professional career and has eventually returned to what he loves which is farming. These are very good videos put out by Becks Hybrids and if you get a chance check a few out here is a link to one of them.


Government Shutdown.

With the recent government shutdown many are urging Congressman John Boehner and the rest of the Republican party raise the debt ceiling and pass Obama care. I am glad that they are final standing up to President Obama and the Democratic party. The overspending by the United State government has gone on for two long, it is time that we cut spending and ultimately attempt to lower this countries debt so that we can become not only a military power house up also an economic power house again.  There also needs to be some responsibility place on individuals to take care of themselves instead of relying on everyone else to support them for whatever reason it is.  There are times when people need legitimate help but many have taken advantage of the system for way to long. Maybe the government shutdown will encourage some change in the way things are being done. I may sound real right winged in this post but everyone is being affected by this because so many federal jobs and parks are being closed so it has come down to making a stand for doing what is right.


Here is a link to an article I thought was interesting on this topic