Public Parks Finally Back Open



After days of being shut down the government is back up and running again. No one knows if this will stick though as this same ordeal could happen all over again in a few months. Many are urging for major change so that the debt limit does not need to be raised any more but so that we can finally start to decrease it. This is sure to be a major factor in upcoming elections and all government issues in the near future. We are now finally able to get back into national parks, which we should have never been prohibited from going to in the first place because they are a public and free right to see, one of the benefits of living in the land of the free. It has caused much upset in many areas that rely on tourism of public parks for their livelihood, such as though around Yellowstone National Park and in the Smoky Mountains. This is a very busy time of year for many of these attractions with fall approaching and many tourist looking for a place to take in the scenery of fall the fall colors. Hopefully these people will still draw in some of the tourist and survive this fall, however the idea of government shut down still looms in the near future.


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