2013 Deer on Roadways

44-10-2011 photo by  Noppadol Paothong

As the whitetail rut rapidly approaches us extra precaution should be taken on roadways whether they be fast moving interstates or twisting back roads. As the weather gets cooler the leaves are not the only thing changing, deer hormones are also changing and males are looking for females and are not very cautious of much else. Deer can be very deadly if hit on the road at any speed but especially at higher speeds. The combination of a large male buck and a little quick moving car can be a scary combination. The best thing to do is take your time and be extra alert, and most of all if it comes down to choosing in between hitting a deer and other traffic always sacrifice the deer as swerving to miss deer can lead to much worse and deadlier wrecks with other vehicles.  For more information visit Missouri Conservations website:





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