The Orange Army of Rifle Season and Safety


With the 2013 Missouri deer season in full swing and rifle season set to kick off this weekend don’t forget to break out your orange.  Many hunters will converge on in the woods this Saturday on opening morning, it should be a great time to be in the woods enjoying nature and friends, don’t let it turn into a horrible accident.  Make sure you pack your orange vest and hat, I even like to wear orange gloves as that is what a hunter naturally moves the most.  Many see wearing orange as a major prohibiting factor, when in actuality it doesn’t affected your hunt as many think because are color blind. I have had several situations where deer look right at me while wearing orange and don’t get spooked at all, it is instead more a matter of having the coolest camo in the woods as if in a fashion show for many. Forget that and opt. for safety! Remember to always wear your safety harness and inspect tree stands before climbing up into them completely, it only takes one time to fall and be paralyzed or even worse end your life. The last safety tip I have to share is one that I have had pounded into my head ever since I stepped into the woods even if I wasn’t carrying a gun and that ALWAYS POINT YOUR MUZZLE IN A SAFE DIRECTION. I hope everyone has a safe and successful hunt, be thoughtful of other hunters and misunderstandings especially in public parks and good luck.


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