First Stint With a Consistant Blog

This was my first time blogging on a consistent basis, first time blogging at all for that matter.  At first I didn’t like the idea of having to blog every week, I’m still not sure I like being forced to blog every week.  However I have found that I like being able to share by experiences in the woods or on the water in my own words.  There is something different about putting the story into typed words not by telling someone face to face.  Many would argue that you can’t get the expression and excitement out of words but I disagree.  There is only one way that words can be read, they may be interpreted differently than intended but not influenced or exaggerated by the listener after they have already been typed.  It is sort of like the old adage that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!  I also got to meet some very interesting people such as Carrie Mess who have opened my mind about the Ag community as well as how to approach its different outlooks and how to share mine.  Overall this was a good experience and has really help me with how to interact on a somewhat official stage in the public that has my name on it.


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