About Me


Liz jersey 101I am a student at Missouri State University, this is my second year there. I transferred in from Jefferson College which is in St. Louis where I grew up. I did not actually grow up in St. Louis city though I am from about forty five minutes south in Imperial which is a fairly small town. It is home to me and I love it even though it is rough in some areas and most would not think to much of it. It is perfect I can be in the city to catch a sporting event such as a cardinals or blues game in less then an hour or I can be hunting or fishing which I love to due right around my house or farther out in the sticks in no time. I also love to be at the lake fishing or doing anything on the water with by best four legged friend Bruce.

As I state I now attend Missouri State University as a senior, I am an Ag Business major with a minor in agronomy. I am very excited to hopefully be graduating this spring if everything goes right these last two semesters. I can not wait to get back to the St. Louis area or better yet my home town and hopefully find a decent job. I did not grow up on a huge farm with row crops or cattle, as many in this class and my fellow students have, although I have grow to love and hate agriculture as a whole for a variety of reasons, however I am very much tired of school and ready to move on to something else in my life.


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